Dennis Benn, D.C.

Alternative Health & Rehab Centre

Chiropractic – Orthopedist

We use the Innerzyme Digestive Enzyme Complex, in our structural, nutrition, digestion and diet programs. Many of our patients with low back pain have constipation and cannot put pressure on their low back for a bowel movement, which then makes the constipation and bowel back-up even worse.

We have the patient take 2 capsules of Innerzyme Digestive Enzyme Complex with each regular meal, plus 1-2 “Candida Control” at night to kill yeast, and 1-2 Probiotics in the morning to re-establish the normal gut bacteria. Patients come back and tell us how much easier their bowel movements are and how much more they are releasing. The supplements also help reduce some of the back pressure and pain.

I explain to them that as they get older, their liver and gallbladder (if they still have one), may have problems making and releasing the normal digestive enzymes when they are needed. Innerzyme’s Digestive Enzyme Complex assists the normal enzymes to break down the food more completely. I also tell them that once we get their low back functioning again they should keep a bottle on hand, for any future times of constipation.

Our Colon Hydrotherapist also recommends your enzymes to help patients clean out their bowels.