Barb A. – Arizona

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid and degenerative arthritis about three years ago. I had tried a few biologics (Remicade, then Humira), which I had decent response to both. Remicade was IV infusion every six weeks, and a bit inconvenient. The Humira worked great, but my insurance changed the benefit to only 50% and the out of pocket cost was unaffordable. So, I decided to try your Pain & Inflammation. I have been taking two, once a day for almost a year (I am really, really bad about swallowing pills), and I have had zero pain since I started. I know working out and weight loss may also have had an impact on the joint pain – but I’m convinced it’s mostly the PIB. Just thought you’d want to hear how well it works for me!

Grahame R. – Arizona

Absolutely love this product! I suffered from nagging shoulder pain from years of baseball and weightlifting. I saw therapists that prescribed me gentle exercises designed to strengthen surrounding muscles, this only gave me temporary relief. Within the first month of taking Innerzyme, my shoulder felt like it did 20 years ago. I have been taking it consistently now for 4 years. I also noticed the disappearance of several other nagging areas in pain. I recommend Innerzyme for anyone with pain and, to me, it seems to be a much better option than over the counter painkillers.

Libelinha – Amazon Customer

5 Stars! Amazing when taken daily helps with overall pains and inflammations, have reduced dramatically.

BeingHealthier – Vitamin Shoppe Customer, NY

5 Stars – Excellent Product. This is an amazing product! First time I have been pain free in years. It even helped with muscle aches and pain related fatigue. It may seem expensive but there are a lot of tablets and bottle will last a long time.

Teeitup – All Star Health Customer

Aches and Pains try this. Recommended by chiropractor. Good for sore muscles and joints. I tried it and it helps.

Pete B. – New York/San Juan

My wife introduced me to this product, as a friend had recommended it to her. We have both noticed significant results with regard to the amount and severity of daily aches and pains as we age (66, 71) and exercise. I have been quite pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness. I should mention that I do not take aspirin or similar products or painkiller if I can possibly avoid it; nevertheless, daily routines and exercise were making me increasingly uncomfortable. This product has definitely helped. I’ve been taking it for almost a month.

Maria M. – Illinois

I wanted to share my story about Innerzyme and how it has changed my life. I started taking Digestive Enzyme Complex about six months ago. I was experiencing a lot of acid reflux and nothing even medication from the doctor was working. I was not sure where to turn but then I was introduced to Innerzyme. I was a little hesitation because I also have anxiety and wondered how it would effect me. Now I will not go without my Digestive Enzyme’s everyday. I am sleeping through the night and I feel like a new person. My energy level is up which is helping me exercise and I have also lost weight. My digestive system is doing a “happy dance” coming and going. Thank you Innerzyme. This is a great product. Five Stars.

Gerard G. – Illinois

Dear Innerzyme:

I wanted to take a moment to express how pleased I am so far with the benefits I am experiencing by starting a regimen of the Innerzyme Pain & Inflammation Blend Systemic Enzyme tablets daily.

As a former professional baseball player in the Texas Rangers organization and now single father to three very active and athletic daughters, maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is very important to me. However, over the past several years, the wear and tear of playing sports throughout my life had taken its toll on me. And while I have always been extremely diligent about my eating habits and kept physically active, my body began to break down in 2011. In a matter of a 3 month span, I suffered a distal bicep tendon tear of my right arm (dominant) that required surgery followed by a re-fracture of the 5th metatarsal on my right foot that also required the insertion of a 6.5MM screw to stabilize the bone.

After nearly 6 months of aggressive rehab and physical therapy, things just never felt like they did before. I couldn’t do the simple things that I took for granted before like running at the park with my girls or tossing the football around with them. Simple activities such as those could no longer be done without some pain and discomfort. And while the foot was now structurally sound and the bicep tendon re-attached with two anchor screws, things just didn’t feel right.

It was at that time that I decided to explore what options may be out there to improve my situation. That is when I came across information on the Innerzyme Systemic Enzyme products and its founder, Katie Jodscheidt. I reached out to Katie via the Innerzyme web-site and was very pleased with how promptly Katie personally got back to me with the answers to my questions and inquiries about the product. After learning about the products and potential benefits they can offer, I decided to give them a try.

In January, I received my shipment of Pain & Inflammation Blend systemic enzymes and immediately started taking the recommended dosage daily. After nearly 3 months of taking the pills, I am finally starting to feel like “my old-self” again! For the first time since the injury to my foot, I am able to run without pain and discomfort and have finally begun to start working out again at my local health club. I look forward to updating Innerzyme and Katie on my progress and continued improvement! Thanks again Innerzyme!

Gail F. – Kentucky

I am very pleased with Innerzyme. I have used other systemic enzymes, one more costly with less results, and one less costly with little or no results. I have had two knee replacements and a thoracotomy within a years time about 2 years ago, and inflammation remained my enemy. It was, in fact the reason for the thoracotomy, as they believed they found a malignant thymoma, a grapefruit sized, media stinal. The procedure was for a biopsy, and the findings were inconclusive. Two months later when a PET Scan was performed, the mass has “resolved itself,” and it was determined at that time that the mass was inflammation. Then I was left with a long healing process. I am now taking 3 Innerzyme twice daily and last night when I felt the need, I took 4. I can feel the inflammation throughout my entire ribcage when I sit down in the evening. I can’t sit for long or I just “lock up!” Innerzyme has alleviated it a lot, and especially after I increased the dosage from 2 to 3. Today I bicycled, then put in a hard day’s work and feel good this evening. I am giving a lot of credit to Innerzyme. I am a 71 year old and have every intention of returning my health to excellent, and am well on my way. I walk with my dogs along the river many times a week and am very active.

Anthony M. – Illinois

Over a month ago I sustained a fair amount of injuries… I needed to heal from said injuries with as much haste as possible so I could make my appearance at the inaugural . For all my life I have been able to recover from most of my injuries at a faster rate than whatever the doctor predicts for my recovery time. All the injuries healed fairly quick, with the exception of two, my right knee and my left shoulder (specifically the rotator cuff). Around the time of the injury I had been talking with a friend from way back in my grade school days about her new enzyme based supplement business she had started. After reading up on what she had to offer and talking with her a bit I asked her if she could send me the Pain & Inflammation Blend to help me not only with the injuries I was suffering from but also with hopes of being able to speed up the recovery between workouts.

As soon as I received the blend I began taking the tablets as instructed, 4 tabs daily. The suggested usage is 4 tabs daily, and depending on severity up to 8 tabs per day. Personally I don’t find it necessary to ever take that much of a supplement so I stuck with the 4 tabs on an empty stomach with water every morning right when I woke up. For the past 5-6 weeks I have been taking these tablets as soon as I wake in the mornings. I should also point out that I take a variety of vitamins and I have at least one protein shake per day. These new tablets were in addition to all the other nutrients and vitamins I already consumed on a daily basis. I’m lucky that I don’t have a problem swallowing pills because with the addition of these I am up to around 10 or so tablets every morning. The size of these tablets is not unbearable at all, I take all four at once, they are approximately the same size as your standard multi-vitamin.

After taking this supplement for the past month or so I am happy to finally report some of my findings. A few things that I really like about this supplement is you can take it on an empty stomach. One of the biggest problems I sometimes have with any kind of vitamin or supplement is the stomach cramps that can come when consuming them on an empty stomach, never had an issue with the Pain & Inflammation Blend. I also believe that my recovery time from one workout to the next was much quicker. Typically when I finish one of my workouts the next day will be a bit painful but its really that second day after the workout that has its way with me and drops me into the fetal position. After 2 weeks of taking the Innerzyme tablets I was feeling fantastic not only the next day but that second day of doom as well.

On top of the speed recovery times between workouts that I began seeing, I was also able to monitor and recover from some nasty knee inflammation that I was experiencing. I took some breaks here and there from running but really never completely had to stop or anything like that. Today I was able to run without any signs of the inflammation and it felt wondertastic!

Okay so I’m not trying to tell you this is some kind of miracle supplement or that it’s going to cure whatever pain you may be suffering from right now, but I will tell you this, I strongly believe that it helped shorten my recovery and helped to keep me active while I was recovering. Those two things make me believe that it is completely worth trying!” -A.M., Illinois

Gina L. – California

Ever since I was a little girl, I have battled with digestion issues. It seems that my body does not easily break down food as it should. I have experienced bloating so bad that I have actually avoided going out in public. Recently, I had to take on a low-carbohydrate diet. My fiber was low and protein was high. These two factors have often reeked habit on my stomach. Luckily, I discovered Innerzyme’s Papaya Enzyme Chewables and they have been such a life saver! I take them everyday. I cannot tell you the difference they have made! Whenever I have an event or dinner to attend, I make sure to throw them in my purse! No more embarrassing bloat for me, just a flat belly! What is not to love?

Gina L. – California

Between my love for running, a job that requires a lot of manual labor and living a super active lifestyle, my muscles have been known to get pretty inflamed. While I have always taken fish oil, I needed something more. I began researching different supplements and trying new things. I then came across Innerzyme’s Pain and Inflammation Blend. I cannot tell you the difference it has made. My muscle soreness has significantly decreased as well as the pain in my lower back which I have experienced off and on for years. There is not a day that goes by that I do not take them. I cannot express how happy I am to have found such a great product. If you are an athlete, super active or do experience any sort of muscle pain, I definitely recommend you try Innnerzyme’s Pain and Inflammation Blend. As a personal trainer and nutrition specialist, I am hesitant to recommend supplements to my clients but this one is always on the top of my list when a client complains about any kind of muscle soreness or inflammation.

Claire H. – United Kingdom

The Pain and Inflammation Blend is amazing!! December last year I had a motorcycle accident!! I needed 35 stitches in and around my mouth and I broke several bones in my hand and broke my wrist! The scaphoid fracture is apparently one of the worst bones you can break as it doesn’t normally heal very well!! And I had broke it right across the middle!!! Hospital said it takes 6 months to a year for the scaphoid bone to heal. I came across Innerzyme on a web search while looking for anything that could be used to promote natural healing and pain relief!! Thought I would give these a try and I’m so glad I did. 3 months later I was pain free and back on my motorcycle!!! Even the hospital couldn’t believe how quickly I had healed!! Sure it’s down to Innerzyme Pain and Inflammation blend!! Really interested in trying the other products too!! The digestive enzyme and the papaya enzyme chewable are definitely on my wish list!!

Chris S. – Illinois

I recently purchased the Innerzyme Digestive Enzyme Complex product and have been using it for the past week and a half or two weeks. I could tell a difference in metabolism and energy after the very first few days. I was at first skeptical whether it will have noticeable results but was pleasantly surprised that it not only met my expectations but exceeded them. I have not felt this energized and had as relaxed of a digestive routine in a long time! I couldn’t believe that a $20 dollar or so supplement can make such a huge difference in my lifestyle.

I was told about this product by a friend and I am very thankful she let me know about Innerzyme! Thanks Katie! I will soon be trying Innerzyme’s Pain and Inflammation Blend since I am assured it will have soothing and helpful results as well.

Tony M. – Illinois

I am seriously so thankful for Innerzyme, the pain and inflammation blend helps me to recover so I don’t have to wait for my next workout. Thank you so much for helping me as I train for the Death Race.

Frank T. – Illinois

Very happy with your product. My daily regimen is Innerzyme Pain & Inflammation Blend in between meals and a couple hours after dinner. I take the Innerzyme Papaya Enzyme Chewable with my meals and the Innerzyme Digestive Enzyme Complex 15 minutes or so before all meals. The improvements I have experienced since beginning the enzyme regimen include feeling leaner, more energetic, and in general…healthier! The positive effects of Innerzyme products were immediate for me. Innerzyme products will be part of my long term life, health and workout plan.

Olga B. – California

My knees never felt better. One knee replacement and have been doing physical therapy to improve mobility. I was seeing improvements but was having set backs because the exercises would inflame my knee. My PT suggested Innerzyme, he gave me a sample and I have been on it ever since. Took a few weeks to really start feeling the difference but well worth it.

Olga B. – California

My knees never felt better. One knee replacement and have been doing physical therapy to improve mobility. I was seeing improvements but was having set backs because the exercises would inflame my knee. My PT suggested Innerzyme, he gave me a sample and I have been on it ever since. Took a few weeks to really start feeling the difference but well worth it.

Brad L. – Arizona

I can tell you 100% that your Papaya Chews work fast. After I eat, if I have the slightest tummy ache I chew 1 or 2 papayas and feel so much better. I know they are potent because I have taken other brands before and would have to chew them by the handful to feel anything.

Judy H. – Illinois

I have been taking Innerzyme’s Papaya Enzyme Chewable for a month now. I started taking it to help with my slow digestion. I take 1-2 chewables after meals as needed and since beginning my enzyme regimen I noticed instant relief. It worked very fast from the very first time I started taking it.

Sandi A. – Wisconsin

I am 58 and overall pretty healthy. I have had ongoing joint pain especially in my hands for the past 6 years. I have taken several glucosamine supplements and enzyme supplements. My doctor recommended Innerzyme’s Pain & Inflammation Blend and gave me a sample of 12 tablets to try. I can’t believe how fast I was feeling improvements. I started taking Innerzyme for pain two months ago and LOVE IT. Not only relief in my hands but overall less aches and pains. I love it so much I made my husband turn the car around when I forgot it over the weekend. I can’t believe the difference I feel taking this. I will be your customer always.