Eli Hammer, M.D.

The Hammer Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine
Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine by the American Board of Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM)


Dr. Eli Hammer has been a physician in Arizona for over 25 years and is Board Certified in Family Practice and Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Hammer is the Medical Director of The Hammer Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine. About 12 years ago, Dr. Hammer realized that the medical industry was moving too much towards pharmaceutical therapy rather than focusing on disease prevention. At that point, Dr. Hammer decided to make a change from Family Practice to Anti-Aging Medicine, a field that uses less pharmaceutical drugs to treat diseases, but instead focuses on preventing disease in the first place.

Dr. Hammer’s current practice involves caring for both men and women generally between the ages of 40 and 70. He evaluates them over several hours for hormone deficiencies and nutritional issues. Following his evaluation, Dr. Hammer puts them on a program of proper diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, and bio-identical hormone restoration. Dr. Hammer’s 3 main goals for each specialized program include: improve their present health, prevent future disease, and improve quality of life.

Learn more about Dr. Hammer and The Hammer Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine,
visit: www.HammerInstitute.com

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Dennis Benn, D.C.

Alternative Health and Rehab Centre
Chiropractic – Orthopedist


Dr. Benn received a Bachelor Degree in Biology/Human Physiology from University of California-San Diego in 1977, a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer in 1980 and Post-Graduate studies in Orthopedics in 1986. He has two published articles in Chiropractic Economics and a post-graduate certification in Independent Chiropractic Disability Examiner in 1986. Dr. Benn has been in practice since 1980 in Flint, Michigan. He has grown from a 1,200 square foot building 1980 to a 4,600 square foot building in 2006. He plans to practice until the end of 2026. After that, he and his wife plan to travel and do missionary health care.

The AHRC is a 4,600 square foot treatment office where we offer Structural (Joint, Nerve and Muscle), Functional Nutrition, Digestive, Diet, Weight loss, Anti-aging and Brain enhancement therapies. We have been in business 34 years here in Flint, Michigan, and have currently one doctor and 5 therapists along with 3 staff members. We are open Monday-Friday 9-7 and Saturday 9-1. We are located in the Ballenger Health Care Mall just ¼ mile north of Miller road, exit 117 off I-75.

Learn more about Dr. Benn and Alternative Health and Rehab Centre, visit: http://ahrc-info.com

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