A Digestive Enzyme is taken with a meal and breaks down in the stomach to help facilitate digestion, aid in the absorption of nutrients and help break down foods you eat that often cause gas, bloating and heartburn. Innerzyme’s Digestive Enzyme Complex is a well-balanced formula consisting of 9 different enzymes specifically formulated to work together to improve overall digestion. Innerzyme’s Papaya Enzyme Chewable is a high potency formula providing 1,000,000 USP Units of Papain per chewable tablet.

If you avoid certain foods such as dairy, meats, fats or carbohydrates because they cause you stomach problems after a meal, there is a good chance you have an enzyme deficiency. If this is the case, you would want to consider taking Innerzyme’s Digestive Enzyme Complex. If certain meals leave you bloated, gassy or give you the occasional heartburn, we recommend you implement Innerzyme’s Papaya Enzyme Chewable into your daily regimen.

The recommended daily dosage for Innerzyme’s Digestive Enzyme Complex is 2 vegetable capsules up to three times daily with meals. For Innerzyme’s Papaya Enzyme Chewable, the recommended daily dosage is 1 chewable tablet following meals. The Papaya Enzyme Chewable is a delicious all natural cherry flavor and the digestive enzyme capsules are small and easy to swallow. These high potency enzymes require a minimal dosage for maximum benefit or what we like to call the “Inner Body Experience.”

A Systemic Enzyme is much different than a digestive enzyme. Most systemic enzymes need to be taken on an empty stomach which can sometimes be inconvenient. Innerzyme’s Pain & Inflammation has an unique enteric coating around each tablet protecting the enzymes which means they can be taken with or without food and still have the same great benefit! Our systemic enzyme blend is formulated to begin breaking down in the upper region of the small intestine also known as the duodenum. Innerzyme’s Pain & Inflammation Blend is a comprehensive formula of enzymes, herbs, and bioflavonoids designed to naturally support the body’s inflammatory response.